Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tentang Kita

Buat Para Cowok And Cewek Yang Mau Cari Kepuasan Bisa Sama Kita
Kita Terima ML Sama Cowok Dan Cewek
Mau Satu-Satu Atau Rame2 Bisa
Service : Smua Sesuai Permintaan Kamu !
Nama Kita : Dea, Shelli, Okta, Putri, Siska
Tarif Gak Mahal, Karna Kita Juga Butuh Kepuasan
ST : 250rb
LT : 950rb
Rame2 (5 orang) : 2,7jt

No HP Kita Ada Di Blog Ini...
Kalo Mau Kalian Bisa Call Kita Dan Nanti Kita Kasih Biodata Lengkap Kita !

White Gold

White Gold began gaining popularity in the early 1900’s as an alternative to platinum. Platinum was steadily becoming more fashionable, but because of its rarity many could not afford it. Then, during World War II the government put a ban on the use of Platinum for any non-military functions and the demand for White Gold skyrocketed.

The most common alloys added to gold to produce white gold are nickel, palladium and silver. Most white gold jewelry is also given an electroplated rhodium coating to intensify brightness.

Throughout this process, white gold retains many of the benefits of gold. It won’t tarnish and due to the metals added, it is stronger than its yellow counterpart.

Recently, palladium has replaced nickel as the common alloy in white gold. It seems that a small percent of the population-approximately 12-15%-has an allergic reaction to nickel causing skin irritation and rashes. It is now required by law that jewelry pieces containing nickel be labeled “nickel-containing.”